Outside the Wire: COVID-19

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Outside the Wire: COVID-19


Outside the Wire: COVID-19 is a digital exhibition that is an online extension of the Outside the Wire project. The exhibit collects three images submitted by three veterans, each in a unique moment of their military careers. These images and testimonies show how each veteran’s experience prepared their mind, body, and spirit to adapt to the added challenges of surviving and serving during the pandemic. Though each image speaks to a different aspect of preparation, they are tied together by the strong sense of community naturally developed through service to our country.


Gallegos, E.; McDowell, A.; Meyer, J.


Photographs, diary pages,


Rugers University–Camden, Writers House




Rutgers University-Camden, Writers House


Published text, hand-written text, photographs



Collection Items

Humvee Fragment
A piece of the damaged fiberglass shell of a Humvee, signed by members of the United States Marine Corps.

Military Coin
A photograph of a large silver coin in a man's hand. The coin is embossed with the emblem of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States. Text surrounding the emblem reads "Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff."

Emilio Gallegos' Journal Entry
Photographed pages of a journal entry written by Emilio Gallegos after an IED (improvised explosive device) explosion.

COVID-19 Testing, Georgia National Guard
A photograph of the Georgia National Guard conducting COVID-19 testing. A nurse in protective gear swabs a seated person while a uniformed service member holds a tube of testing reagent. Uniformed service members and medics in protective gear stand…

James Meyer Testimony Photo
A photograph of James Meyer in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown and black COVID-19 mask. EKG leads are attached to his exposed chest.

Medical Strike Team
A photograph of members of the Pennsylvania National Guard acting as part of a COVID-19 medical strike team. They wear medical protective gear including face masks and shields.

Easter Worship Service
U.S. Navy Chaplain leads an Easter worship service aboard the deck of the Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Comfort.

Tank Alter
A black and white photograph of a Navy chaplain using a destroyed Japanese tank as a makeshift alter for religious services on Saipan.

Spc. Athena McDowell
A portrait of U.S. Navy veteran Athena McDowell.
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